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    I have been using my RD-16 a bit this spring, and enjoying every minute of it. I have been fishing and cruising and everything in between, but I have a question, which I believe I know the answer to, but will ask anyway.

    After trolling for a period of time, I notice an accumulation of green goo on my motor leg and the outside of my transom just above the water line.

    I believe this to be unburned fuel mix making its way out the crankcase drains, into the exhaust passage, and oozing out.

    I have attached a couple pics for your viewing pleasure, so tell me what you think.

    I am running 24:1 semi-synthetic Pennzoil TCW3 for what it is worth. Motor runs great at slow and high speeds.

    Thanks for looking.

    Trolling Video.

    I guess I should troll with my JW and play with the RD!


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    I have similar issues on my big twins but have never had it get up on the bracket that heavy. The pensoil seems to be the worst at it among the oils I run.

    I think it is normal but maybe you are running a little rich?


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    It’s snot pretty…. that’s for sure.

    Prepare to be boarded!

    Steve A W
    Steve A W

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    Buccaneer, 🙄

    That Penzoil semi synthetic was the worst oil I ever ran.
    I couldn’t stand the smell and it made a terrible mess in the test barrel.
    I went to Penzoil full synthetic. It’s so much better.

    Steve A W

    Member of the MOB chapter.
    I live in Northwest Indiana


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    Yeah I didn’t like the Penzoil either. I run the BRP XD30 oil Barely any smell, nor smoke. Great oil.


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    I am going to try a full synthetic and see how much difference it makes.

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