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    Hi, Asking suggestions for the value of a outboard & boat I own. It is a 1961 Royal Scott Red 33hp outboard on a 1964 Aluminum 14′ Dura Craft Ski Boat. Has been in storage over 40 years. Any help wound be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    That depends on a whole lotta factors.
    A few pictures would be very helpful. Upload pics to a host like photobucket, copy the img code, and paste it in your next post here.

    Condition is crucial. Stored indoors is a plus.
    It also depends on your location. Out west, aluminum boats go for more; easier to tow long distances and to high elevations. I’m on my sixth.

    Is it structurally sound? Leaks? Transom solid, or rotting? Interior baked / rotted?

    If I saw a pic, I could tell you what it would go for, in central CA. That may double, or halve, depending on the demand in your area.
    Give us a look, please, and think about checking craigslist or online auctions for comparable sales.
    Best of luck, and happy motoring!
    Alan / Smokey


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    Well played Garry

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