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    Were there different castings for the tanks for these Waterwitch Singles?

    My "SLOW START FAST" decal which goes on the long thin piece of the front of the tank above the speed control lever had too much of a banana type curve to it to fit my tank, however, I know that others have used these decals and they fit their tank fine. The decal would run off the top of the casting on the outer ends, if it were more straight, it would have fit fine. Ended up splitting it in the center trying to manipulate it to work.

    Anyone else had this problem before? Ill attach pics of my motor. Also attach sample motor from American Outboard showing decal placement which shows it fitting there.


    EDIT: By no means am I upset with American Outboard here! Found them fantastic to deal with and love their stuff! Something wrong on my end I’m sure. I wonder if I should have bought the 571.36 set, with the SLOW START FAST words on the main front decal?

    http://www.americanoutboard.com/motors/ … single.htm



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    That curved decal is not for your model.
    It should be straight. This guy has one
    that is reasonably close however he only
    offers it in one model number. I lost all
    my Waterwitch files that had pictures of
    originals. I think the one I have has some
    of the original decal remaining.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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