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    OK, everybody has one, so what is your opinion of West Bend outboards?

    I am thinking about a ’65/’66 50 hp West Bend. I know nothing about West Bends. Are parts available. Are they any more difficult than the OMCs from that era? Are special tools needed? Should I stop thinking about it? I’m told it turns with the starter. Seller has the controls. Are parts manuals still available (haven’t searched for one yet)?

    Everybody, please chime in if you know anything more about them.




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    West bend sold out to Chrysler, Chrysler to U.S. Marine (Force brand) USM to Mercury, and Mercury dropped it. There are some parts out there but certainly not like the main line motors.

    They were a fairly decent motor. Actually simpler than OMC, no frills. Nothing unusually special about working on them.

    Oh, and West Bend made Elgin motors for Sears before putting their own name on them, while still selling to Sears.


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    I have one. It’s called a golden shark. Very stylish for the era and makes decent power for a 40 hp. American outboards helped me a great deal with parts along with Doug Penn. I would not hesitate to buy one, and my Golden Shark will not leave my hands till I’m 6 feet under. I like it that much. If it has the original controls, if you pass on it please forward the info to me. I’d be all over those.


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    Personally I would go for it. Parts may be a little harder to find but once you have what you need you are set . I always liked the way they looked, their names, and that they were different. The controls would be the hardest thing to find and it sounds like you have that problem solved. Laings outboard has a good supply of Chrysler parts

    Good Luck

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