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  • labrador-guy
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    Mine was a 5hp Firestone. Me and my buddy wanted to get some ducks in a marshy spot we knew. He bought a boat and I bought the motor. First time out we threw out the decoys and pushed the boat and motor into the bulrushes. It didn’t take long and the ducks were whizzing by finally we both stood up and started blasting. We both dang near landed in the drink. Two twelve gauges blasting rocked the boat like crazy. Scared the stuff out of us! Did not do that again! The old motor ran just fine, but no ducks that day!


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    He ground the dog with a normal shop grinder. If memory serves me correctly he ground the rounded portion off making it flat to keep it from kicking out of gear. Those area’s become rounded through the years he said normally more so in forward. I think we installed it with the ground area toward the reverse side. Hope that helps!


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    Well I did not technically own it but when I was a kid we rented a cottage on Sea Bright bay in Ontario and each year we rented a 1960 Evinrude Fisherman. It was always a great motor. The first one I owned was actually a 6hp Viking from the 60s. It was a Chrysler build and actually surprisingly ran great most of the time. Very slow though and eventually the re-coil come out. I still have it but never was able to get the re-coil back in.

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    In 1952 my dad and his aunt bought a cottage in northern Wisconsin. It came with a wooden rowboat that leaked. The next year Aunt Gertie bought a new Alumacraft model E. After a couple years my dad was tired of rowing so he bought a 1955 Fleetwin that was seized. He soaked the cylinders for a week and it freed up. We used that rig every summer and in 1959 my dad let me solo while he and my mom watched from shore. She squeezed his hand till it turned blue. I was eight and about sixtyfive pounds. I bought the cottage in 2000 and still run that ‘old reliable’ Fleetwin on the Alumacraft.


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    Martin 40 on an old wooden boat ..around 1974 or so.

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    I’m another that their first motor wasn’t actually theirs.
    In 1953 a friend of my grandfathers invited my family to spend
    our vacation with them at the lake. I just turned seven. Elmer
    would take me out in his boat and let me steer his 1937 Pal.
    We continued to go each summer. In 1957 he bought a new
    Penn Yan and a new Elgin 7.5hp. That summer he handed me
    the Pal and said "Here boy. You can use this." I got to use it
    until he died. Be heading back to that lake in a couple days
    with a couple of my old motors. Took a 1937 Pal last year.
    That’s Elmer cleaning the days catch for dinner.

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    Enjoy your trip this year, Tubs! Be safe and have fun.

    OldJohnnyRude on YouTube


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    1946 Zephyr 😀


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    Clinton J9.

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    Technically, my first motor was a Cal-Jet Hydrojet 4400. It was Grandpop’s motor. Dad and I have since restored it almost completely. I need to figure out the ignition system and see if that’s why it’s not running.
    It is here

    Grandpop’s Motor.

    My first running motor was a ’67 Mercury 6HP, however despite changing the full water pump it runs hotter than I like. I have yet to pull it apart and see why (you can see it in a couple of pictures in the link above)

    First motor I rescued was a $20 ’54 SeaBee 12HP Buccaneer. Also known as a Gale 12D10. It was $20 because it was frozen solid and had a couple of broken pieces on it

    My first well running motor was either a ’54 Johnson 3HP or a ’57 Evinrude 7.5HP

    I have yet to get a well running, pretty motor. I’m working on a couple of them, though. Not sure which is going to be the first one to make it across the finish line, though.

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    1973 25 hp Johson


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    Yea, my first running motor was actually a CD-10, but the Zephyr was nearing restoration when I got the CD. 😀


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    I cut lawns for several summers, saved enough to buy a new 1966 Johnson 6 hp. What a great motor! Of course it didn’t go fast enough for me ( my dad thought it was just right ) so in 1968 we traded it in for a new Johnson 9 1/2, much better !!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Well, sorry to rain on your parade, my good friend……the 6 is actually a better motor. 😀 :-D. I would go snag it back.

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    A 4 cylinder 5 hp Evinrude Zepher it ran great, I don’t know the year made but I had it in 1956

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