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    I have two very old outboard motors. Can anyone give me an idea of the value?
    1. Johnson Motor Model # JW 17 S Serial # B59305

    2. Evinrude Model # 3706 C Serial # E04502


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    Well; age is a relatively subjective thing. Your Model JW-17 is a 1961 Johnson 3HP and your Evinrude Model 3706 is a 1967 3 HP. So; neither of them are “old old” and neither of them would be considered rare or unusual.

    Very nice motors though. Many of us here would say that they are among the best motors ever made. Smooth running, lightweight and reliable.

    But….Mass Produced and therefor readily available.

    Condition is paramount. Post a couple of pics perhaps? Also give us a general idea of your location. That can affect value as well.

    Thanks for posting

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    Price varies a lot around the country depending on supply and demand. Where I live in Minnesota, there are a lot of these motors, and I’d consider a nice looking, good runner to be worth $100 to $150; and maybe half that if they need work.
    People often ask twice that online, but I doubt many ever sell for that.

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