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    Would you answer an Unknown phone ( Un-recognisable ) number who may be a member past or present of AOMCI , and does NOT leave a message on your answering machine ?

    *This phenomenon has occurred to me and I simply will NOT pick up ! !


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    I get them all the time. Mostly from my own area code.


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    I also do not answer however if they leave a voicemail and it contains someone I know or the subject is something I have had a part in I will return call.

    Jim Benjamin


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    Google the phone number and if it’s legit, the almighty know everything Google will let you know. If it’s a fraudster or scammer it should also let you know and let you report it so others will know. Honest people won’t hide their number.

    What did we do in the days before search engines????


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    Years ago you could go to the Library and look up the landline phone number in the reverse telephone number directory. I doubt those are published anymore.

    "Some people want to know how a watch works, others just want to know what time it is"
    Robbie Robertson


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    Caller phone number can be forged. I regularly get calls from other numbers in the same “exchange” as my mobile. I ignore any unknown caller.



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    I don’t leave messages.
    I call back later.


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    I don’t answer
    If someone wants to talk to me they will leave a message
    When I call someone
    I always leave a message-explaining the nature of the call


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    My father in law recieved a scam call the other day. really makes me angry how they upset him!! No data given though, thank God. they try to get in his bank account, again & again!
    Told him to do his Iimpressions & talk in circles. For the second year we are being bugged by ??? wanting to know how many people live here & how many bathrooms we have. The Esso says he is counting the population & we were chosen “At Random” two years in a row……..Horsefeathers I say. Promised to call the Sheriff’s office & he ran like a scalded dog he is!

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