Website launch!

Website launch!

Dear Members,
The new website is online. We are taking a soft launch approach as not all the work is complete, please be patient as we work out the kinks and continue to build the new site!

We are going live before everything is complete in order to get you back on the forums. The Ask a Member and Members only discussion forums on the YaBB platform or old blue boards have been successfully migrated, you should be able to pick up right where you left off on Wednesday with your old credentials.

We are had some trouble merging our Membership database with the website’s database, so if you did not have access, or members only access before, you will need to gain access your account.
You can try using the email address you received this message from and use the lost password link.  If you beleive you are a paid up member, but do not have full access please let us know.  

We were not able to import accounts and credentials form the old “Green” section of the site, these credentials will not work. The old Green Board forum was not able to be successfully migrated. This forum will become a read only archive and will be available in the coming weeks for your research and reference as part of the Old Iron Reference Library.

Our events page is still under construction. Please be patient as our volunteers load the events into the new site.

We were not able to migrate the YaBB classifieds into the new format. We are starting from scratch with the classifieds and you will have to repost any ads that existed on the old site. I hope you will find this new format to your liking. A members only classifies page is under construction.

The new “Old Iron Reference Library” and much of the Members Only Content or “Inner Sanctum” is still under construction, we hope to have this up and running soon.
If you have any issues please contact me and we will do our best to work out the problem for you.

Please be patient as we are just volunteers and we are learning a new system.
If you have any comments, notice something we missed, or any suggestions on how we can improve the site please let us know. will be an evolving animal; there is much we can do with the WordPress platform and what you see today is just the beginning!

Richard L. Paquette
VP-Publications AOMCI

  1. Hi Richard Thanks for this posting of insight into where we are, Thanks for all your hard work. Bob Grubb

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