Website Update Inner Sanctum Is Back 1-26-19

AOMCI Members,

Website update ” The Inner Sanctum is Back” We have incorporated it into the main menu. We will be adding to this section from here on out , take a look you will find loads of information in this area for active members of The AOMCI. We are asking all Chapter Presidents and members if you have information to add send an email to or to get you info posted. Information to find in The Inner Sanctum would be the old iron reference library which you will find manuals, articles & specs also in this section you will find the Michigan Wheel Catalogs, old Articles, The Antique Outboarder Archives, our Special Interest Groups and many other items of interest .

On our SIG’s make sure you take a look at this area it is currently getting information added daily as this is a new and improved area where you will find a lot of information on your interest in specific makes & models. When your in there don’t hesitate to send a message to the Group Leaders with all your questions. Take a look at all groups there are a few openings so if your up for the task get in contact with Fred Truntz …

As you can see the Home Page Slider has been updated to 10 pics , we will be updating these pics the 1st of every month starting Feb 1st as long as we are getting new pictures , no new pictures and the slide shows will stay the same we are in need of especially Old Iron photos . Start looking at all those pics you have stored on your pc and phone from last year and years past send your pictures for consideration to we ask that you send us high resolution images (MINIMUM 1920 Pixels wide) that are well lit, sharp and colorful. Subject matter needs to span the width of the photo…..Front Page Photos are W-I-D-E. Send us the highest resolution version that you have; we will take it from there.  

The upgraded website is now coming together and we thank all of you for being patient thru this process. IF any member is unable to access the site don’t hesitate to send your questions to . For any and all membership questions please send your request to

Thank You

Travis Kerbrat

AOMCI Webmaster

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    Where do I go for help to get my 1939-1941 Evinrude cub 4264 00958 going

    I need a rope pull and coil for sure

    I saw somewhere a Stihl chain saw coil could be used but I don’t know what happened to the web site I was looking at

    Any help is appreciated
    Thank you
    Bill Nazarenko cell 870-404-6756

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    New cell phone camera take huge pictures now daws. Go to your settings on your cell phone and see if you can select a lower pixel level for photos. Then send those pictures to yourself on email . When you load them in your email you should have the opportunity to minimize them. Copy thise pictures from the email you sent to yourself. Those copies will be small enough. There are probably lots of other ways to reduce the size, but that is the only one I have been smart enough to figure out
    Hope that helps, and if someone knows an easier way let us know.

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      Reducing the size of images: for those of you who use a Microsquash OS, it is very simple. Go to , download their software. It is free, a small program, and MUCH easier to use than Adobe Photoshop. For those using a Linux program, use Gwenview (installed). I don’t know what is available for Apple.

      The real answer, of course, would be for AOMCI to automatically reduce the size of images submitted. Today’s ‘phones produce images in the 6 – 8Mb range; I have recently had a conversation with my email provider’s tech support about the same thing. They agreed to increase allowable size of images.

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