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    Greetings. Does anybody know an easy way to strengthen flywheel magnets? For example is it possible to mark north south poles using a compass and then use another magnet somehow to increase their strength. I have spark but think magnets on Scott Atwater 3.6hp are weak. I have seen a video on youtube of some kind of tool that is out there and guys doing stuff with coils but there are also super strong magnets I am hoping you can hold or rub on the flywheel magnets. Just don’t want to do that wrong and get no magnetism.

    thanks Ralph


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    There are magnet chargers still in existence which plug into a regular wall outlet. BUT, you probably don’t need it. Magnets made since WWII simply don’t ever go bad. The story goes, they were invented for use in gyroscopes for the war effort.


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    Most post war flywheel magnets were made of Alnico alloy which maintains its original magnetism much better than the pre war iron magnets which can lose theirs over time or from shock and will then require a recharge. Early flywheels should have a piece of steel or iron placed across the magnets poles to help retain the magnetism whenever the flywheel is removed. Not so much with the Alnico magnets. No flywheel should ever suffer shock, as when being struck with a hammer.

    I tried for several years to find a Stevens brand magnet charger but gave up and built my own. It’s a Gingery design but is similar to a Stevens unit.

    Here’s a link to an older post here about magnet chargers and it also includes a YouTube vid of a Stevens charger being used.

    Recharge Magnets on Fly Wheel




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    Mumbles I must say that every time I see your magnet charger I become envious of your talents. Such a nice machine you made.

    Upper Canada Chapter

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    Tony Fain

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    I don’t
    know about fly wheel magnets, I used to get magnets for old tractor magnetos recharged at industrial magneto shops. Might be worth looking into.


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    Me too. But magneto shops are getting scarce. Some auto elecric places (also getting scarce) will have a magnet charger but it’s hit or miss.

    Seriously, unless you have a large horseshoe-shaped steel magnet in your flywheel you are not likely to have a weak magnet problem. How are you evaluating your situation?

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